onza t-bird frame silver

here we have a very good onza frame for beginners and people who have bin riding for a long time.it is strong alumnium frame with 4 bolt mounts fitted onto the frame
comes with echo bottom bracket fitted for you.

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zona zip grey frame

here we have the zona zip frame in grey.we also sell it in the brushed silver colour but that cost a bit more in price.it gives out a high stregth alummnuim frame.

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zona zip frame in silver brushed

here we have a silver brushed zona zip frame.it gives out the same performnce as the grey one but a lot more time is put into the brushed frames so they charge slightly more.
this comes with a headset fited into the frame if you would like one.

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Aorta 20” Lee Shi Ming frame  in silver

here we have a aorta 20" frame,some top riders use ths frame as it is just the right hieght and weight to ride.it is best for street riding but is a good frame for compertion riding awell.

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