magura hs33 black brake pads

theys brake pads are stand pads, they are best to be used on a front brake as they arent as gd on a back but they will still lock on on a back brake but i wouold advise you to use them on a front brake only.they are made out of a simple can also get them in green and brown but they will cost more.

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hs33 heat sink pads

theys are some heatsink pads and they are very cheap for what they are.they come in two diffrent colours red and green,they both work the same.
they pads work best on a smooth rim or a thin grind on your rim

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adamant hs33 brake pads

theys adamant brake pads are kind of the same compound to the zoo pads.they work the same goodness as zoo pads and they have the same noise to them

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