The YBN trials chain features: SCM alloy steel put through carburized Nitrogen heat treatment giving 850 kfg in other words this is one strong chain. The flat back plate makes running chain devices and tensionsers much easier with less wear. This one is for single gear use only and will not work with a cassette 
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kmc z chain links

here we allow you to buy just 5 links in case you have broken or snaped yours.this product is 5 kmc z links .they will fit onto and other chain and they are a strong chain you can also buy a whole kmc z chain form here.

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Classic German made 1/2" x 1/8" chains that have been the first choice of riders throughout the world for many years.
Favoured by many of the world's top competitors.
 Nickel plated.
112 Links secured with spring clip links.

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kmc kool chain

Advised for use on single speed set ups.
- 9.4mm pin width.
- Mushroom head pins to eliminate splayed links.
- 1300kg max. load capacity.
- 406g (full length) 

power links

al you have to do to fit this is to Simply insert both halves into the chain ends, press them together and lock in place by pulling the chain apart.
To remove, just press both plates of the PowerLink together and remove the two halves of the link.
Easy! - Can be opened and closed as many times as you want without the use of tools.

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