rear 26" single speed and disk hub

this is a 26" rear single speed and disk hub for you 26" riders who want a single speed set ups.

rear 20" single speed hub

this is one of the best rear hubs in the trils biking is light and it gives out good performance for your gives out a revy loud comes in all diffrent colours and diffrent size sprockets and it is a 32 or a 36 spoke hole size.
this comes with fun bolts included

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26inch front and rear disk hubs

this is a set of two chris king hubs for a 26inch bike. it is a front and a rear hub,both disk and 32 spoke hole.the fornt hub weights is 207g and the rear hub weights it 336g.
theys come in diffrnt colours

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neon rear fixed disk hub 20 inch

this is a fixed rear disk hub made by neon.this is a high performane product,it is also a very strong hub to use on your has disk mount if you want to use disk on your hub but you can also ride it on a hs33 on your rim.
it comes in black blue silver gold and pink
it comes with the snail cams ans a freewheel fitted for you

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